How to Avoid the Crowds on the Inca Trail

By now, everyone has heard of the Inca Trail – the legendary trek leading to the lost city of the Incas – Machu Picchu.  This incredible trail takes you through some of the most amazing scenery in the Andes and passes massive Inca sites you’ve likely never heard of. Typically, people complete this trek in… Read More >

Mamacha Carmen – The Biggest Peruvian Festival You’ve Never Heard of

If you’ve been doing your research on Peru, it’s likely that you’ve heard of the huge sun festival called Inti Raymi that occurs every June.  But did you know there’s another huge festival down the road from Cusco in July? There is a town on the eastern slope of the Andes called Paucartambo (pronounced: pow-car-tom-bo)… Read More >

Tips to Fight Altitude Sickness

When people find out that we plan trips to Peru, 90% of the time the first follow-up question is “How do people handle the altitude?” Unfortunately there isn’t one simple fix to guarantee you won’t get altitude sickness.  We have had ultra-marathoners get terrible altitude sickness while self-described “couch potatoes” feel no effects of elevation… Read More >

How to Get Here

So you’re ready to come and visit?  That’s great!  Here are some tips for the best way to get here. Getting to Peru is not as challenging as you think.  It’s not a large country but with the incredible Andes Mountain range running through the middle, it can be a little time consuming to travel… Read More >