Huayhuash Trek

Duration: 7 Days/6 Nights

Difficulty: Difficult

Start/End Point: Huaraz

Price: From $900 USD


Peru is truly mind blowing.  The people, the nature, and the landscape are so unique, it will leave you speechless. As pioneers off the beaten path, we offer hiking experiences that create friendships and memories that last forever.  If you are looking for a truly challenging adventure, you are in the right place. Peru is for adventure seekers.

The Huayhuash trek is a trekkers paradise with towering, glaciated mountains, absolutely stunning alpine valleys, lakes, rivers, meadows, unique wildlife, and indigenous culture still living traditional lifestyle.  This is an experience that takes you through the heart of some of the most incredible mountain scenery in the world.

*This is a full-service trek.  A duffel bag will be provided prior to hiking for your personal items and our staff will transport the bag and all other equipment (tents, food, cooking supplies) from campsite to campsite.  All you will need to carry is your day pack.



  • PLEASE NOTE : The Huayhuash Trek starts and ends in Huaraz. Please see below for information about how to travel to Huaraz.
  • Participants must be in good physical condition. Previous hiking experience is required and previous backpacking experience is highly recommended but not required.
  • We’ll be hiking for the better part of 7- days (about 5- 9 hours per day).
  • We’ll sleep at elevations over 4,000m/13,123ft every night.
  • Huaraz is at 3,000m/9,842 ft. Because of this, we highly recommend staying in Huaraz a few days before hiking to get acclimated to the altitude before beginning the hike.
  • DON’T let fear of altitude sickness stop you from joining! Altitude sickness is an illness caused by exposure to low air pressure, which many people experience at high altitudes. Exerting yourself at high altitudes, especially if you have not been properly acclimated, can cause it, but with proper preparation, you can be ready for the trek.
  • During the hike, you will only be expected to carry a day pack (not all your baggage), we will have 3 meals prepared by chefs daily on the trail, snacks and water will be provided on the trail at each stop. There will be a toilet available at each campsite.
  • You’ll need a valid passport (it can not be expiring within 6 months from your arrival in Peru), a return flight (Peru does not accept one-ways), and to be up to date on the COVID-19 requirements. It is YOUR responsibility to meet all of these requirements at time of travel!
  • First Step Expeditions is NOT responsible of your transfer from Lima to Huaraz or vice versa.


  • You will need to take a bus for 8 hours from Lima to Huaraz and 8 hours back to Lima after the trek.  We recommend the Cruz del Sur bus line which has several departures from Lima and Huaraz per day.


Group Service Only: $900 USD per person

Only your $200 non-refundable deposit is due to reserve your space!  Final payments are due 30 days before your trek.


✓ Transportation from end to end in Huaraz

✓ English speaking guide

✓ All meals as listed (7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners) + (can accommodate dietary restrictions with proper notice)

✓ One Duffle bag per clients for items to be carried by porters (up to 22lbs/10kilos per person).

✓ Clean water for drinking provided at every meal stop +  daily Snack.

✓ 6 nights camping in the wilderness.

✓ All entrance fees and permits (permits for Huayhuash Community)

✓ Camping equipment (dining-kitchen tents, tents – 2 people/tent) (single occupancy available for additional charge)

✓ Portable toilet (Ecological toilet for our clients only)

✓ Professional Chef

✓ Pack animals to carry duffle + equipment (horse)

✓Emergency horse available for anyone who needs to take a break from hiking due to illness or injury

✓ Sleeping Mattress

✓ Basic First aid kit including emergency oxygen tank  

  Does not include:

X Gratuity for staff (Guide, chef, porters, horsemens)

X Accommodation in Huaraz or Lima

X Airfare & transportation from Lima to Huaraz

X Travel insurance

Lunch & Dinner Day 7

X Walking sticks (available for rent for $20)

X Sleeping Bag (can be rented for $30)  

Full Itinerary


Are we ready for the adventure?

Today is all about the Huayhuash trek vibes – after we leave Huaraz bright and early.

Your guide will come to pick you up from your hotel to jump on the bus for 5 hours, making our way to Chiquian with a stop for lunch along the way – enjoyed by the river and prepared by the trekking chef (oh yeah!).  We’re going to say hello to an isolated and traditional community that’s sustained itself for hundreds of years.

This afternoon, after we’ve reached our first campsite at Cuartelhuain, you’ll have the chance to relax and get to the altitude until our amazing chef calls us for dinner.

After dinner our guide will provide the plans again for the start of our multi-day trek tomorrow and the following days!

Are you still excited?

  • Camp elevation: 4,180m/13,713ft
  • Includes: L/D


Are you ready for another nature masterclass?

After a good breakfast and packing our gear onto the mules, we’ll start our 6-7 hour walk with stunning mountain views and lakes, covering two summits in a day – Cacanan Pass (4,700m/15,419ft) & Carhuac pass (4,600m/15,091ft).  We’ll have lunch half way though and finish the day at our second campsite Carhuacocha (13,615ft)

The trail today goes up and down, but the hike is getting mostly challenging due to the altitude.  The views will make it all worth it in the end!  With the extra time at the campsite you can take a nap or walk around the area taking photos.

  • Walking distance: 9.7km/6.2ml
  • Hours : 6-7
  • Highest altitude: 4,700m/15,419ft
  • Campsite altitude: 13,615ft
  • Weather: morning cold, noon warm, afternoon windy, night cold
  • Includes: B/L/D

DAY 3- CARHUACOCHA – SIULA PASS (4,800M/ 15,748FT) HUAYHUASH(4,350M/14,271FT)

This morning promises to be pretty epic as we hop out of our tents in search for more vistas.

After breakfast we’ll try to leave the campsite early to have more time to enjoy the ascent to the  Carnicero and Silula Pass-4,800m/ 15,748ft.  From here, the majestic view of the Andes mountain and the Huayshuash village never ceases to impress, and we know you’ll leave feeling like you’ve witnessed something truly special.  After enjoying the view, we’ll get back on the road, rolling passed quaint villages on the way to the campsite at Huayhuash – 4350m/14,271ft.

  • Walking distance: 13km/8.1ml
  • Hours: 8
  • Highest altitude: 4,800m/ 15,748ft
  • Campsite altitude: 4,350m/14,271ft.
  • Weather : morning cold, noon warm, afternoon windy, night cold
  • Includes: B/L/D


After breakfast and tying our shoes tight, we’ll take off on our 4th day of expeditions and you can bet it is going to be more exciting.

We will start hiking for roughly 3 hours uphill until we reach the Trapecio pass-5,020m/16,469ft.   At this pass, we’ll stop to appreciate and photograph awe-inspiring views of the remote peaks such as Puscanturpa, Cuyoc, and Millpo of the Cordillera Raura located south of the Cordillera Huayhuash. From there, we will descend to the campsite Cuyoc-4,400m/ 14,435ft.

After dropping your gear at the campsite, you’ll have the option to hike to San Antonio pass -5100m/16,732ft  that takes 3 hours round trip, or you can just hang out around the campsite enjoying the landscapes.

  • Walking distance: 12.1km/7.5ml
  • Hours: 6-7
  • Highest altitude: 5,020m/16,469ft
  • Campsite altitude: 4,400m/ 14,435ft
  • Weather : morning cold, noon warm, afternoon windy, night cold
  • Includes: B/L/D


Prepare for a more intense day of trekking today. Today’s section of the trek includes climbing through the Santa Rasa pass, before reaching Huayllapa and finally Hautiac (3,487m /11,440ft). You will camp by the shores of this dazzling mountain lake, one of the dozens that you can find in the region.

  • Walking distance: 19km/11.806ml
  • Hours: 9
  • Highest altitude: 5,000m/16,404ft
  • Campsite altitude: 4,400m/ 14,435ft
  • Weather: morning cold, noon warm, afternoon windy, night cold
  • Includes: B/L/D

DAY 6- HUATIAC – TAPUSH (4800M/ 15.748FT) – YAUCHA PASS (4.800M/15,748FT) –    JAHUACOCHA (4,150M/13,705FT)

This is it!

Another day of trekking begins with a hike to Tapush pass after which you will conquer the Yaucha pass and be swept away by strikingly beautiful glaciers and the lofty Jahuacocha lake.  After descending the pass, we’ll set up your camp for the last time—this time at Jahuacocha campsite (4150m/ 13,705ft). After a strenuous day of trekking, relax for the last time before we get back to civilization.

  • Walking distance: 13km/8.077ml
  • Hours: 7-8
  • Highest altitude: 4800m/ 15.748ft
  • Campsite altitude: 4,150m/13,705ft
  • Weather: morning cold, noon warm, afternoon windy, night cold
  • Includes: B/L/D


And today the Huayhuash adventure ends.

After a last breakfast, we will hike on a mostly flat trail until a short climb to our final summit at Pampa Llamac.  We will do a stop here and snap our last panoramic view of Huayhuash before descending to the end of the trail.  Our private van will meet us for the 4.5 hours drive back to Huaraz.

Upon arriving in Huaraz, we’ll check into our hotel, have shower and meet one more time for our last celebration dinner as a family.  As a new mountain warrior,  you’ll say… It’s been a life changing experience for us all, and we can’t wait to do it again!  It’s time to say adios to your travel buddies.

  • Walking distance: 12.9km/8ml
  • Hours: 5-6
  • Highest altitude: 4300m/14,107ml
  • Back to Huaraz
  • Weather: morning cold, noon warm, afternoon windy, night cold
  • Includes: B/L/D



How difficult is the route?

Each individual day has a moderate-to- challenging hike with a significant amount of elevation gain. In addition, we’ll spend every night over 4,000m/13,123ft. and going as high as  5,020m/16,469ft during the day which means that altitude becomes a big factor.

How much weight will I have to carry every day?

You’ll need to carry your daily personal items (water, toilet paper, sunblock, ChapStick, rain gear, sun hat, sun glasses, light down jacket, etc) make sure your day pack is under 5 kilos. The rest of your belonging will be packed by you in one of our duffle bags and our staff and horses will transport it directly to the campsite.

How many miles will be walking each day?

Daily miles walked will range from 8-11 miles.

Should I be taking acetazolamide (Diamox) for this high altitude trek?

For this question,  please ask your physician. Some trekkers have done it without taking any pills, but if you haven’t  been to 16,469ft before, there is not telling how your body will react to extreme altitude.

Diamox takes 24-48 hours to become effective (please consult with your doctor!)

Is traveling in Peru safe?

Mostly yes, Peruvians are overall welcoming and tourist friendly. Peru has one of the lowest overall crime rates compared to other countries in South America.  Of course, please travel with caution and make sure to take standard safety precautions, don’t leave your belongings unattended, and avoid venturing solo after dark.

What is the weather like on the trek?

The weather in Huaraz is consistent all year round with warm days (70-75F) and cold nights (30-40F).  The mountains are unpredictable though so you should always pack layers and be prepared for rain.

What is the best time to hike Huayhuash trek?

The best time to hike Huayhuash is from April to October.

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