How to Get Here

So you’re ready to come and visit?  That’s great!  Here are some tips for the best way to get here.

Getting to Peru is not as challenging as you think.  It’s not a large country but with the incredible Andes Mountain range running through the middle, it can be a little time consuming to travel from city to city. 

Machu Picchu, the former capital of the Inca Empire, and arguably the heart of Peru are all located in and around the city of Cusco.  Here are a few of our recommendations for how to get to Cusco and other parts of Peru:


1) Book any international flight into Lima.  We always recommend that travelers book their flights into Lima.  As the hub of international flights, it tends to offer significant cost savings over trying to book a flight straight to Cusco.

2) Book domestic airlines between cities.  Domestic airlines like Peruvian Air, Avianca, and LATAM are much more affordable when booking within country.  *Please keep an eye on baggage policies though to make sure there are no surprises during checkin. *

3) There are optional buses or trains.  These options will save you some dollars, but they do take a lot more time.  A 45 minute flight between Lima and Cusco becomes 24 hours by bus.  The scenery is spectacular, but we don’t recommend traveling this way for anyone short on time or prone to motion/car sickness.

4) If you have any questions or want help booking your transportation throughout Peru, just let us know!

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks here on the blog!

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