Is it “safe” to travel to Peru right now?

Here are a few things to consider before you plan your trip.

  • Peru is still seeing new cases of COVID-19 daily, but most of the cases are found in the hot spots of Lima and other coastal towns.  The Peruvian government has taken steps to limit exposure in these areas by requiring both masks and face shields in all public places.  Cities in the Andes, like Cusco and Puno, still have a mask requirement and curfew, but they are seeing significantly less cases per day in those cities.
  • The 14-day quarantine requirement has been lifted.  The Peruvian government is updating COVID-19 travel requirements every 14 days, but for right now you can travel to Peru with documentation showing a PCR test with a negative result received within 72 hours of your departing flight.  The negative PCR test is still required whether you’ve received a vaccination in your home country or not.  The PCR test or an antigen test performed in Peru (at your own expense) will be the only accepted documents to allow you to freely roam around Peru.  When you travel from city to city, you will be required to sign a sworn affidavit that you don’t have any symptoms and you must follow the guidelines specific to that area, which will likely include wearing a mask, following a curfew, and practicing social distancing. 
  • The majority of Peru’s tourist attractions are outside so it’s much easier to safely social distance.  Some indoor attractions are open to a limited capacity too, so you should be able to visit all the places you would like to see as long as you’re following the government guidelines.

BOTTOM LINE: It is as safe to travel to Peru now as it is to travel to most other countries as long as you’re willing to follow the government’s rules.  Tourists are starting to come back, restaurants and hotels are following a strict protocol to clean between guests/patrons, and the locals are doing everything they can to help keep the communities safe and healthy for everyone. 

If you have any specific questions or are thinking about scheduling your trip, please contact us and we can help plan and navigate the requirements. 

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